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Below is a collection of furby tips. These tips include stuff on the care of your furbies to how to operate the furby. If you have questions regarding these tips or something that isn't listed, first check the FAQ page, then if nothing about what you need is there, write an email to us.


  • When trying to get two furbies to communicate, try putting them under a lamp or bright light. Make sure their eyes are at an equal level so their sensors are aligned.

  • If you want furby to sleep, the best thing to do might be to just leave him alone for about 5 minutes. Eventually he'll get tired.

  • If you want furby to play a game and he is not listening, try tilting him from side to side and then repeating the pattern to get the game to start over.

  • Sometimes it's okay to punish your furby. Flip him upside down and shake him. He will either say he's worried or "Kah Boh-bay". He'll surely learn his lesson.

  • If furby does a trick you really like, pet him on the back twice. Each time he does the trick, pet him twice. After a while he will do the trick each time you call for it.

  • If your furby sneezes a few times in a row, beware! He could be getting sick. Be sure to feed it around 5 times and see what happens.

  • If your furby is not responding to anything it might be in Hide-And-Go-Seek mode. Turn him upside down until it says "Me done." He should then be back to normal.

  • It is easier to get furbies to sing to eachother by clapping your hands or leaving them alone for 2 minutes. Also, the clapping your hands may just make them dance - which is also very cute.

  • Sometimes when putting two furbies together they will not communicate at first. Try activating one's sensors.

  • The back petting sensor on the furbies runs all the way up and down. You can press it near the top of the hair and all the way down to underneath the tail, if you hit him just right.

  • A box tip: Keep your furby box in tack. When you get them, they can be a pain to open. (Ours took 25 minutes to open) Don't rip it, and try to keep the instructions in good condition. This will make your furby worth more, especially for all of us with the "Retired" versions of furby.

  • If your furby is saying "Bring, Bring. Bring, Bring" he is imitating a phone ringing.

  • Furbies can come from one of about four plants. Furbies from each plant may have some different variables, for instance, one from the RL plant might have a textured mouth, while one from the WT plant may have a smooth, yellow mouth. We'd love to hear your differences. Send them to us so we can make a page comparing the different plants.

  • There are 3 different pitches for furby voices. The medium pitch is the most common. Most furbies have this. There is a higher pitch that is extremely annoying. This can be gotten by resetting your furby numerous times. There is also a lower pitch - which I've never heard.

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