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Maybe you wrote a furby poem, or maybe your furby did a funny trick, or maybe you just wanted to tell your story of how you didn't get a furby. Well guess what? We need your help! Here at Furby's United we're looking to make the largest collection of furby stories on the web. How can we do this without your help??? So send us your furby story today! We can't wait to hear from you, and will try to have your story published within three days! Hope to hear from you soon. New stories added at the top. Oh, and don't forget! Thanks to all of those people out there who have contributed their wonderful stories!

Rude Furby
The other day I went to my friend's house. He said to me, "Hey! Look at my new furby!" Then my friend shoved it in my face. It sneezed right on me. How rude!

Bumpin' and Burpin'
Once when my father was driving me home from Pathfinders, and I was accompinied by my Furby, Noo-Loo, we went over a bump. The first thing she did was burp seven times in a row! She then laughed and said, "Party!" Noo-Loo also sang "doobie-doobie-doo!"

Yacky Furbies
Hi! I own 2 furbies. One is white and one is a tuxedo furby. My furbies talk a lot. Their favorite thing to do is sing to eachother. One day, one said to the other: "You Sing!" So, what else could the other one do BUT sing? They sang back and forth for 10 minutes. It was the cutest little thing. This was a short story, but I wanted to share with you how my furbies yack. They're yacking right now!

The Grouchy lady at Montgomery
I've been searching for about 3 weeks for a Furby. Well, I got one today! I was put on a waiting list at Montgomery Wards a few weeks ago and they gave my mom a call today while I was at school. She told me afterschool and we drove to Wards and went to pick it up. The lady there was old and wrinkly with lipstick on her teeth. =) Anyways, she was complaining about why so many people would want such a "stupid" toy. I didn't care, I just wanted my Furby! Another man was joking around, but at least he said Furby was cute. They only had 3 colors left, at least of the fur color, grey with spots, grey with stripes, and a tuxedo one. I chose the tuxedo one. After we paid the $32.46, the lady gave us one last dirty look, and we were outta there. =) Ok, as you know, it's black with a white chest, grey eyes, pink ears, white mane, and white feet. It's name is Hay Loh. I've only had it for about 4 hours, but it already knows a lot of English

The Online Contest

I took part in an online contest where you had to find the graphic and click it, they would put the graphic up within 2 hours...and I was clicking for 2 hours...when the graphic showed up..but I didn't win...I got 3rd out of about 2,500 people...thats not bad! But I'm happy since I'm getting my Furby tomorrow!!! = )

Crash! Eek! Furby Fun!

Hello - I borrowed my sister's furby, toh-loo-kah, because I had to drive to work by myself -and hers talks more than mine does so he amuses me with his constant chatter- and I had him sitting on the passenger seat while we were driving in stop-and-go traffic when someone hit us from behind and everything went flying off the seat including the furby. He yelled "wheeee!" as he was flying through the air. Then he was upside down on the floor going "Hey!!!.....Hey!!! No like. Me scared!" at the top of his lungs. I had to jump out of the car to see if the other guy was okay, and I can hear him yelling "Hey, no joke!" from the floor and I was hoping the other guy wouldnn't hear him. After various info was exchanged I was able to get back in the car and right again and then he was his usual happy self, laughing and talking. I'm glad someone enjoyed this experience. Anyways, I like bringing the furbies along to keep me company-it's a great toy! Erica- age 30 ( not too old to have a furby )

The Candy Store Story

I was at the mall with my friend and we went across a candy store we decided to go in because we were preoccupied with the toy horse walking around the pole on the outside of the store,anyway i walked in to buy a drink and my eyes got really big and i started shaking saying jamie, J..J...J..jamie LOOK! it was a grey speckeled furby with a pink tummy sitting there on top the cash register and one on the back counter....a tuxedo one! it was ironic because i wanted the speckeled one and my friend jamie always wanted the tuxedo it turns out she wanted $160.00 for each so my "vision" exploded in front of my face and i walked out of the store with jamie. Im getting one for x-mas though..i cant wait! Leah Moore: 13

My furby and his friends
Well the other day my friend came over. We decided to play with our furbies. Her furby began to hum Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, so my furby did too! It was real funny. After that we played hide and seek with our furbies. When they were hidden together they began to sneeze over and over until finally we picked them up and fed them ten times! What strange creatures. Leslie: Age 11

How I didn't get my furby
After seein Furby on the news and on commercials I fell in love. The day after Christmas - Black Friday, my mom and I went shopping. We looked in all the stores, but there wasn't any furbies! I was really sad. Then we went shopping in a bigger town, they had no furbies. We even called the stores in our town to make a rain check, but they wouldn't let us! But someday I will get my furby. Thank you. Melissa: Age 9

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