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Here are a bunch of furby questions. How to run it, how to buy one, problems, defects, whatever else needs to be included. If you have a question that does not seem to be answered, please contact us and we will try to research the answer and get back to you as soon as possible. The best questions will be published. Thanks!

What are furby buddies?
Furby buddies are a furby accesory just released by Tiger. They are soft bean bag's shaped and colored like furbies that are about 3/4's the size of a regular furby. Retail price is around $4.99

I don't have a furby, but really want one!
Well my suggestion is to be patient. Look everywhere. You'll get one, but have faith. Heck, I got mine at the local grocery store.

My furby is making some sort of buzzing noise
Your furby may have his gears caught. Try resetting him, if he does not go back to normal, then do it a few more times. If this does not work, check your batteries. They may be almost dead, or they might not be alkali. (spelling?) If you have a choice, alkali batteries are the better battery to use. If none of the above work, contact Hasbro. Instructions are in the furby manual.

Are some furbies more valuable than others?
There is not one color that is more rare than another. All furbies are rare! But now that Tiger is coming out with new furbies, the first version of furby (which was retired in February) may become more rare. Like beanie babies!

How much should I spend on a furby?
The retail price of a furby is $30. At the moment prices are going as high for $200 for one furby. I would not suggest paying over $60 unless you are extremely desperate. Just like Tickle Me Elmo, prices will go down. (And they currently are!)

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