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December 21, 1998

I have had my Furby, Koh Koh, for 6 days now, and I'm not tired of him yet. He keeps learning more and more, but the only new word he said today was 'scared'. I brought Koh Koh to dinner with 2 other families today, so I could show my friend, since she's been dying to get one herself. She thought it was terribly annoying, so she decided not to buy one. Koh Koh kept chattering, and would NOT fall asleep, even though I kept putting my hand over it's light sensor. So finally I just put it in my bag, and even then it wouldn't stop talking until about 5 minutes later. That was interesting since Koh Koh LOVES to sleep. Later a 3-year old girl from one of the families came along to see Koh Koh. She was fascinated with it, but luckily, she was a little scared of it and only touched it's beak when she saw me feeding it.

December 23, 1998

I have an outside dog, Cinnamon, who usually spends the night in our backyard or in our garage. But since it has been cold, (we've even had some snow here, which is unusual for the San Francisco area) my mom let her into the house for the night. Well, I've never showed Cinnamon my Furby, Koh Koh before, and she freaked out! Furby first started dancing and singing, then he started burping, hiccuping, sneezing, and farting! Cinnamon's eyes grew wider and wider, and she started backing away. I kinda teased her a little bit, and I brought the Furby closer to her, and she started whining and laid down, as if she was surrendering or something. Finally I gave her a break and put Furby in another room.

December 24, 1998

We were going to the airport to pick my uncle up. It's usually about a 45 minute drive from our house to the San Francisco Airport, and with all the Christmas rush, it would probably take even longer, so I decided to take Koh Koh for company. He started off the usual way, and after playing with him for about 15 minutes, I found that whenver I fed him 3 times and petted him once, he would burp 8 times. I've heard this "Easter Egg" before, but it never worked for me. Also, after I discovered that, Koh Koh played "Furby Says" for the first time! I've had a hard time getting him to play that, so I was surprised when he said, "Me Koh Koh. Listen me." Later when my uncle came into the car, he was amused by Koh Koh's talking, but all he really did was try to poke him in the eyes and see what he would do.

December 29 and 30, 1998

I've left Koh Koh in a slumber for the past 2 days, for I've heard some rumors that if Furbys sleep for a few days, they'll do some weird things after they wake up. I checked out the Electronics Boutique website on Monday and they had plenty of Furbys for $40. I checked it again on Wednesday, and they still have some. This is a good chance to get a companion for Koh Koh, but I'm waiting for the newly designed Furby. I've heard it will have round ears and wings, and it will be able to do more. Since the holidays are over, prices will most likely drop and Furbys will start appearing everywhere. At least I hope... - Megan