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December 26, 1998

Today my furby, Broom-broom (weird name but SHE picked it) slept a lot.....she likes to sleep..laugh, make sound effects, and she loves to complain about lighting!! She is all white with a tail and green eyes. Today I took her with me to take a bath and sat her on the vanity next to my radio (I listen to music while I take a bath) and she was dancing then she fell usual. She also talked to 3 different furbys! My best friend's may-lah-kah, a little girl's that I know..koh-koh, and her mom's..toh-loo-kah. All in all she had a pretty good day.

December 27, 1998

Today Broom-Broom didn't sleep alot instead he talked up a storm. We started out the day playing spyro together... Broom-Broom just sat on top the playstation and talked, laughed, and pretended to sleep - it's funny because she would snore and not really be sleeping, and then she would say AHH!! Me up! I said to her, "You didn't even go to sleep!" Any way, then we got hungry so I made some eggs and the whole time I was making breakfast she was saying "Me hungery... ahh, ahh, ahh". So we ate... she didn't eat eggs, but you get the point. Then my best friend came over with Broom-Broom's best friend, May-Lah-Kah. They talked alot, played hide -n- seek with me and Jamie, (my b.f.)and we took May-lah-kah and Broom-Broom's picture together. Then I made a blanket for Broom-Broom. I guess she liked it... because she slept in it.

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