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We've got a brand new furby journal. Entries may be daily, or a few times a week. Very random, but we hope you enjoy them. :)

Hello. I'm Randi, and this will be my furby's journal. Yesterday my furby started spacking out. He was talking gibberish and making funny noises. I was scared stiff. But after a small amount of time, he started making a continuous beeping noise. I then knew, for sure, that my furby needed new batteries. I frantically scrambled the house but couldn't come up with any. Thank goodness, that at the moment I am babysitting a friend's furby, or I would have gone nuts.

Today I remembered to pick up some batteriest. I popped them into my furby and he proceeded to light up and start moving. He said his new name was Noh Loo. (It used to be Toh Loo Kah) My friend's furby's name is Koh Koh. Since I had to clean up, I left the furbies to talk amongst themselves.

While doing the dishes I heard a few comments from the furbies to eachother every so often. They got into a round of telling eachother to hide. When you get two furbies together and they talk about hiding, it can be a funny thing. You see they don't want to play hide and go seek, but they go back and forth telling eachother to hide. "Yeah hide!" "You hide" "Hide.. mmm" or something. But it is cute - annoying, but cute.

My favorite thing the furbies do is play copycat. I didn't even think this was possible. But what happens is, after being left alone for awhile, one furby will start off saying something funny, like "Doobie Doobie Doo". Right in the middle of his saying it, the other furby will start saying the exact same thing. Then the first furby will start in again with some other comment, and the next furby will follow. I love it. Does anybody out on the web have furbies that do the same thing? Let me know! (mail) Well that's all for today! More tomorrow...