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Occasionally we will need some help here at Furby's United. If you're into being apart of something then this is a great place to check weekly. Whenever we need a job or something special done we'll post it here, hoping for feedback from you, the visitor.

NEW! Furby Websites and Awards
We need a few great web surfers to go around finding the best of the furby sites out there and then submitting the links to us. Another job of theirs is to suggest our site to other furby sites for awards and links, and ALSO to tell them to submit their site for our award. A very fun and dutiful job.

News Reporter
Furby is in the news often. We need somebody who can search the internet for news related furby articles that pop up. When they find some exceptional ones, send them to us. Pretty simple job. Wonderful if you're looking into a future of being a news reporter. Apply today.

Now this ones important. You only have to do it once! Send us your furby story. Maybe your furby did a funny thing one day. Maybe you have a story of how you ALMOST got a furby. Or maybe you just want to let people know that it's not fair. If you have a tale to tell, let us know.

Tips and Easter Eggs
If you have a furby and love surfing the web this is the job for you. This is sort of a discovery job. We want to find out the secret things a furby does through you. Maybe you discovered a magical game a furby plays, or maybe you saw an article about a spanish easter egg through yahoo. Either way we need you! Contact us!