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Please feel free to submit your easter eggs! We'll research their truthfulness and post them on this page. Viewers, please remember we can not guarantee that the following easter eggs are effective or true.

  • If you clap your hands in front of furby 3 times in a row, and then pet him on the back he will sing the first part of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" three times in a row. Webpage Editors Note: For a cuter trick, put two furbies together and then do the trick. Watch them sing it together sweetly.
  • If you tickle your Furby about 15 times, he will make a weird sound! You have to tickle him even, if he says no more tickles. It will sound like "WOWOWOWO"!
  • Cover furby's eyes 3 times, then pet it once on the back. It will then say "Cockadoodle doo! Cockadoodle doo! Me love you!" Very cute.
  • If you feed a furby 3 times, then pet it, it will burp 8 times in a row, then laugh!

  • If you want to punish your furby, then hold him upside down and shake him slightly. He will say something like "Worried!" or "Me not happy!" but don't worry your furby WILL forgive you as soon as you flip him back over!

  • If you reset your furby 2 times or more, it might speak Spanish! You will know when the first thing he says is " Bueno! ". Sometimes he will speak french!!

  • If you pet a furby 10 times in a row he will sing for you!

  • Iif you have a certain kind of remote, you can make furby do things by pressing different buttons! Like if you press the power button he will fall asleep immediatly! WoW!