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December 22, 1998

Today, Toh-Dye did something really funny! Today, my furby said, "No like, No like!" when my sister switched the channel to something that I hated! Then she changed it back and it started purring! I hadn't done a thing to it! I didn't even touch it! It was sitting on the floor and I was on the couch! It was so funny! Toh-Dye also seemed to want everyone to know that he existed. He was being pretty quite but the second that someone came over to the house (a visitor) it started saying a lot and being really loud! It was so funny! Then it calmed down but then when someone else came it did it again! It was so hilarious! Not much else happened today because we were gone a lot of the time and I'm not allowed to bring Toh-Dye with me in the car or anything like that.